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Deleting Comments::PLEASE READ

If you post a blog, you have the ability to delete comments as you see fit. There should be no backlash for deleting comments on your own blog post.

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Experience as a mother and stepmom suffering endometriosis and ovarian cancer

I suffer from endometriosis, ovarian cancer, I'm 30, and have been married for 4 years.

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I wish dealing with SD didn't always complicate everything

I wish I could relax for the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy time with my family, but no, of course not. SD has to make everything a 1000x more complicated.

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OT-My 74 year old Grandmother is a bada$$

Every year for as long as I can remember my grandmother has delivered a flawless Thanksgiving meal.

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Pre-holiday hell

Help! My family is in from out of town and my two step daughters were at our house last night and I

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5 years and boyfriend will not let me meet his kids

I am desperate for advice. I've been in a relationship for 5 years now and my boyfriend refuses to introduce his kids to me.

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My Mother In Law

I am in process of getting divorced and had to share with my family that I had filed.

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OT - Are You an Annoying Step Kid?

Another post got me thinking about this. For those of you who are a step kid yourself, have you found yourself doing (or, in the past, have done) things that we all consider no-no's?

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OT - Warm-fuzzy Wednesday

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'd like to take a moment to think of things for which I'm thankful. Things OTHER than food and wine...

The usual (but important!!):

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OT / my son developed an as$hole attitude overnight...

My son (15) is generally a good kid.