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The house is ready to list - see pictures

Updated: (all the picture uploaded in a jumble and I don't see a way to organize them).

The carpet cleaners came yesterday to steam clean the living room and dining room, stairs and upstairs hall. I finished getting my "crap" out of sight and scrubbed the floors. The house is staged (except for a few things currently in the kitchen area waiting for the carpets to dry). Photographer takes pictures tomorrow morning. House will be listed on Friday. Open house on Sunday.

I was a little melancholy getting back to DH's and my house last night. He could see and asked if I was okay. I said I was sad. Sad that my house looks so beautiful and we've been focusing on that so much that OUR house looks like a hot mess; it's depressing to go from a show place to a hot mess. He said he understood and reassured me we'd get things in top shape at our house soon. We also talked about how if my house was in OUR town, we'd live there - he said without a doubt. But then DH said we WILL upgrade and he'll make sure we have a bathroom like my master bathroom, only better.

When you see it, you will understand why I am going to cry big tears when I give it up. Travertine tile, heated floor, double shower with glass door and rain fall shower head. Ugh.'s time.

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Pictures aren't viewable - it

Pictures aren't viewable - it just goes to your profile page

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Try this link:

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Ooooh I have the same tiles

Ooooh I have the same tiles in my lower level bathroom as you do in your master bathroom...right into and all around the walk in shower... my floor is heated.

Very nice - we have the same color scheme in our homes for the most part, too.

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We had to paint the living

We had to paint the living room, dining room, foyer, upstairs hall, master bedroom and basement in Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies at the direction of the realtor. She didn't think buyers would like the 3 pale pink walls and 1 pale green wall in the master bedroom. Nor did she think buyers would like the lovely green in the living room or the deep cranberry red in my office (which is now the dining room). The basement was a peach color - popular in the 90's and it's been that long since it was painted.

But I tend to prefer a palette of greens, grays, and yellows. Except my bathroom which is a pale lavender - purple being my favorite color.

In DH's and my house, we chose mostly pale greens and cream, but our MBR is a beige on two walls and a mocha color on two walls. Every bedroom is painted the same cream color and each bedroom has a bold accent wall: rich blue, red and green. Thankfully our color choices are pretty much in sync.

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My family room used to be a

My family room used to be a nice sage green - over the summer I painted it to a slate gray... for DH, mostly... because it has a fireplace, bar, and is a bit separate from the rest of the's more of a "manly room" now... I have a stack of slate tiles in the garage in various shades of greys/browns/darkred sitting ready for installation.

My kitchen is currently a dark chili red... and my main hallways are pale yellow. My dining room is a burnt butterscotch color.... and my master bath upstairs is a pale minty green... the rest of the house are various shades of taupe/mushroom/mocha... my son's room has deep red slashes against one wall... and my daughters' room is lavender and sky blue, with silver furniture/trim/baseboards. Not grey - silver. As in shiny. I hate it... they LOVE it. lol

SS's room is the ONLY white room.... DH didn't care for me to paint it... but I have a couple weeks of holidays coming up and I'm already rubbing my hands together at the thought of throwing some paint on them walls.

I'm sorry you don't like the neutral palette as much - but it really is for the best when selling a house. lol

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oooh - dark chili red. I can

oooh - dark chili red. I can just see my realtor's face at the thought!! LOL

I DO like the neutral palette, but really loved the deep red (found at Home Depot reject pile). If I find a picture, I'll post it. My Ikea birch office furniture really popped against the red.

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It is the color of the

It is the color of the curtains in this pic in my dining room. Cabinetry is white.

I love deep reds... it's a recurring theme in my house along with the neutrals... loveseats in living room are same color...but most of my furniture is dark.

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Very nice and spicy!

Very nice and spicy! Smiling

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Very nice! I know what you

Very nice! I know what you mean. We did so much deep cleaning before my DH had his operation and now a month later I look around and blech!

Same with our house in FL that we are trying to sell (anyone want a home in FL?). Looks so good all spiffed up!

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Very nice. As the grounds

Very nice.

As the grounds around my home would be as important to me as the lovely inside, I'd be excited (if a potential buyer) with the basically landscape free space to do my own thing that I see. I found myself (when looking at the backyard shots) thinking, 'oh, this could go here, and this and that there and and and ______.

I think it will move fast on the market. Love the counters and tiles and earthy color scheme.

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The market is really hot

The market is really hot right now. Trying to seize the moment. Thank you!! Smiling

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I love that house, wish I

I love that house, wish I were the new buyer! Best of luck!

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Thank you all. That house has

Thank you all. That house has a lot of me in it. I was directly involved with ALL the renovations and designed the layouts of the family room addition and basement. Sometimes it feels like I'm giving up one of my children or cutting off a limb.

I brought two babies home to that house. Two cats are buried in the backyard. And I distinctly remember the day we settled on the house. My 3 year old son (DS27) and I camped out on the floor of the master bedroom - me 6 months pregnant with DD24 - because the refrigerator was being delivered first thing in the morning. Makes me weepy, but it's normal to feel this way when you live somewhere for 24 years.

I cannot move this house to the town where I want to live - I would if I could.

I have ALWAYS wanted to live in one of the adorable Craftsman bungalows in the town where DH and I currently live. My ex and I lived in this area when we were first married and I would always drive through DH's and my part of town to drool at these houses. So, there is something I want MORE than the house I'm selling.

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My favorite is the front of

My favorite is the front of the outside. I can see why you are sad for sure.

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Thank you

Thank you Smiling

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What a beautiful home. Love,

What a beautiful home. Love, love, LOVE the colors. This home is going to go quickly. I guess that is the goal, but it is bittersweet selling a home you love.

Don't wrestle with pigs. Everyone gets dirty, but the pigs like it.

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THank you so much.

THank you so much. Smiling

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"I don't take stuff personal from a person who doesn't know me personally."

"It so doesn't matter who likes us... WE like Us."
-Pom Pom Squad

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Very nice,Bright.I hope you

Very nice,Bright.I hope you list it for beaucoup bucks because in your area D.C. it should be listed close to a mil.Or more.

Especially with that nice private yard.

Yeah, it is a sellers market now.
It'll move like hot cakes.
All those memories. But you CAN them them with you.

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I'm in cow country not

I'm in cow country not terribly close to DC, so much much cheaper than a mil. Wouldn't that be something! Smiling If it was in DC suburbs close to beltway, for sure it'd be worth a LOT more.

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WELL, put it up as HIGH as it

WELL, put it up as HIGH as it will go.
Sellers market, remember.
AND holidays are coming.
That is a great time to sell.

And stick a couple pumpkins , large potted mums and other seasonal items around the front and back porch for that homey touch.
If you could, get a little quick growing little grass seed planted in the bare spot on the back yard lawn .

Otherwise it really looks perfect.

Command the highest price, Bright.
Let the buyer talk you down a bit.
There may be that youngish professional who commutes on the weekends home and wants a peaceful ,country place far away from the DC crazy but close enough for the weekly commute.

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Realtor is strongly

Realtor is strongly encouraging me to price it just below an even $100,000 mark to generate more traffic. I would like to net about 10K over that $100,000 mark. Last year she did the same. We wanted $309,000 for DH's and my house and she said price it at $299,000. We didn't listen and it sat on the market. We dropped the price and got more traffic, then two buyers had a little bidding competition and our contract was for $309,000. Unfortunately the deal fell through.

I should probably stop being greedy but I'm stuck on the fact that a lesser home netted $5K over the same $100,000 mark. It's like I'm feeling competitive.

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Beautiful house. I would hate

Beautiful house. I would hate to leave it too. Hope your "our" house is just as nice.

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Our kitchen is beautiful -

Our kitchen is beautiful - here are photos from last summer when we had OUR house listed to upgrade to a larger home. Our house is a bit cluttered and messy now because we've been doing so much at my house.