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Name calling

My SO and SD live 4 blocks from BM...for now until we find a house We were driving the other day in the car and BM and her son happen to pull up next to us. BM screams out of the window "You Mother F'n Creep!" Not provoked, just happen to be on the same road at the same time. She is NUTS! SD in the car and just looks down and says nothing (which I expect - she is 10). SO emails BM (that is the only means of communication and SO is very good about it. He never reacted to the comment being screamed at him. He emails her saying if she continues to verbally abuse me in front of their daughter, he will file for full custody. Told her she should talk to her attorney about emotional child abuse. This is how psychotic this crazy woman is! That 30 second encounter is mentally draining. I can't stand that woman!

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She is not abusive to me! She

She is not abusive to me! She wouldnt get two words out of her mouth talking to me that way! She emailed me once threatening to contact my ex if my son (who is 11) ever touches her daughter. No idea where that came from - she is manic depressive and starts trouble out of no where. My son would never in a million years touch anyone. He is not raised that way! I laid into her for even mentioning my son (who she does not know) and that his name should never leave her mouth again! I then told her to go ahead and contact my ex because he was already warned about her, and I advised her that not everyone has a God awful relationship with their ex and that she should try it sometime because it does wonders for children! She does not acknowledge my existence, and that is perfectly fine with me. She does this all the time in front of SD.

You can file for full custody due to this, however, it is hard to prove unless the child takes the stand. My SO is an attorney, so you would think BM would lay low, but these type of people think they are untouchable. SD says she will take the stand, but she won't. She is too afraid of her mother. And when you file and get a date it takes at least 6 months, and if he files she will make those months waiting for court a living hell - or she will be the complete opposite and try to win her over so she doesnt lose custody simply because her support is her meal ticket - that woman does nothing for that child - NOTHNG!

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Hahah! She is a special one

Hahah! She is a special one alright! She is only hurting herself because someday, whether now or years down the road, her daughter will want nothing to do with her. She may be afraid now to say anything to her mom (understandable at 10 years old), but one day she is not going to be scared! I am just going to make some popcorn and take a front row seat to watch that!

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DH should stop warning her

DH should stop warning her and simply file..... after he got her certified to be locked up in a looney bin for years

Blended family life turned me into a pirate....
All I want to do is drink Rum and stab people

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If it were only that easy

If it were only that easy Sad

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Funny thing is she lives with

Funny thing is she lives with her mother. Her mother is her babysitter but is away for two months. And her mother is just as abusive as she is! Apple doesnt fall far from the tree. So she is telling SD that she can stay with her dad on days that are hers because she has work. She never says anything to my SO, just SD. And as soon as the mom gets back anything extra will be absolutely forbidden. She wont even let SD contact him which is against court order. She nauseates me!

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SO documents absolutely

SO documents absolutely everything Eye-wink One day it will all blow up in her face - and I CANNOT WAIT

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I believe in Karma - it will

I believe in Karma - it will happen! CANNOT WAIT