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Working out the kinks

So and i moved in together over Christmas break. It was a rough start but things seem to be settling down now. Bs is adjusting well and he loves having dh around.

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Why Does BM Continue to Communicate with DH

Got married to a man 6 months ago who has been divorced for 11 years. He has 3 boys 18, 16 and 14.

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Adult SD35 & SGD8 have Moved out, Thank you StepTalk

Sorry this is so long.
There has been a lot of tension between DH, SD35 & SGD8 over the last 9 months.

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Need to vent before I BLOW!!!

BM just called to talk to SS10, again today. SS and DH are busy, I answered and told her that DH would have him call her back when they were done.

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So, I am beginning to see why she cheated...

Why SOs exwife cheated, I don’t agree with it but yeah, I can get it now.
To continue my story from my past post...

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Well, That Ought to Change Things, IV

Well, now we know why SD14 was so fixated on spending more time at “mommy’s.”
She announced it last night.

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Interesting marriage dynamics

DH and his brother work together and DH said BIL has been very moody and hard to work with. Apparently his home life with SIL is festering and he is resentful toward her.

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I forgot it was friday

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Wash, rinse, repeat...

IDK if StepRightOffs blog has set a fire under my arse or what, but I’ve been feeling A LOT of resentment towards my SO lately...

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How to teach a kid empathy?

Ok people I need some help and so does my SO I think we are both kinda scratching our heads not really sure what to do.