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OT / my son developed an as$hole attitude overnight...

My son (15) is generally a good kid.

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Divorce Detour and Life Sucks

These last two weeks have been horrible for me. I am tired and worn out. I dont have much patience with anyone or anything at the moment when everything seems to be going wrong, hence the life sucks.

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Who's BM is this???

So my 20 year old has a new girlfriend. She has a 4 month old baby. She started working same place as him Oct 12 so her a little over a month and they have been dating less then two weeks.

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Preparing myself to deal with the in-laws

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and lucky me, this year we get to spend the holiday with SSs and DH's family.

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She's gotten smarter.

BM is back to whoring around.... This time shes dating a guy while sleeping with people that he's ok with.

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OT-father arrested

And currently is booked in county jail. Non violent crime but despicable crime. His bond has been set and no one wants or has the cash to bond him out.

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Everything seems to be crashing down....

Sad For starters, hello everyone. Imagine my surprise to find this site. I've read afew stories and answers and holy, I am not ALONE!!!

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It Looks Like I May Be a Mother-In-Law


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OT - Turkey Tuesday

Turkey... yay or nay? My DH is not a big fan of turkey (he prefers quail or pheasant) and would actually rather eat chicken!

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Darn teens

Ok, so I thank heavens I have one good golden youngest son 16 has ALWAYS been a great kid.