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The school finally called the cops on SS...LONG

It's been awhile since I posted. Things with SS have escalated and DH and I are super stressed out.

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How TF do you cook a turkey......

Grandma pulled her last card and won. She said if I don't take mom and brother she is leaving them at home by themselves and hopefully my father will come over to watch them.

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OT/ Do you feel that things are changing for woman?

For weeks now everyday more and more woman are coming out with their stories about sexual harassment. It is shocking to me how many men got away with this for so long.

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I noticed....

I have notice a frightening trend around here lately. Things I have read that make me sad and confused…

My DH makes me baby sit.
My DH lies to me but I trust him totally.

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Love/ hate relationship with SD

DH has been getting SD every weekend for 3 weeks now.

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An ASS update...and my annoying SIL

My mom is leaving for Italy tomorrow and because she is who she is, we had Thanksgiving yesterday at her house. Thing1 came in from Chicago, my brother, sister-in-law and niece were there.

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OT - Marshmallow Monday

Marshmallows on your sweet potatoes or not?

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BM needs to stop "sharing" with the skids

SD4 asked me for some paper to draw this weekend, absolutely nothing unusual about that, I'm an artist, we draw together, they LOVE it.

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HS Online Classes and other things

SD (who hopes to get into one of the most elite colleges in the country....

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I wish you were dead and how to cope?

Both of SO’s kids (7 and 4) have been making comments that very much bother us.

They get downright mean with each other but the words they use are extremely disturbing.