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I'll stop if you want me to stop!

Too late. He should have stopped when I first asked to stop. Or the 6th or 7th time.

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I know it's bad but I'm soooo tempted!

I'm really putting this up to get it out of my system - I know what I should do (or will do) but damn if I would like to go down that dark path just once!

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BM bought SD17 a very nice, used Mustang convertible. She's also paying for SD's college education. SS21 worked his ass off to save money for a car.

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It seems like time has just slowed rapidly down while we are waiting to go to court. Mar 15th can't come fast enough.

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CS workers tick me off.

SS (youngest skid) was emancipated mid January. DH calls CS and lets them know, I fax the judgment.

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Tales from Tinderland

Can’t believe how much fun this is. . .

I’m on other sites but Tinder is a lot of fun. Not all hook ups.

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OT Lets think Spring!

It is 61 degrees today and feels like a spring day outside. YEAH! I know winter is not over but it feels like a tease today. Are you looking forward to Spring?

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I left the necklace

I just couldn't take it with me knowing I made him think everything was okay with us. Sorry Iamwoman.

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Runaway update..

Well we're in day 4 of the runaway crisis. We have an address of where she is. It is the BF's house and his mother has agreed for SD17 to stay there according to sources. She must be a real gem...

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So hard when we raise our kids so differently

My kids are a little older than DH’s. My youngest is 3 years older than his oldest. I raised my kids to be independent and not rely on mom and dad.