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Haven't written in awhile....

So we are supposed to talk to the skids today about bed times and the TV will go off at 10 pm on school nights no matter what. No sleeping on the couch at all.

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O/T - new Twins and old Grandpa

This is not a good day for me....

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Poor lil snowflake..the cop is bloody awesome!! Link below..

OMG! I just had to share this. Outstanding example of a snowflake spoilt stupid by disney dad. Looks like Dad woke up too late and is now trying to make her responsible.

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OT - Vanilla bean paste

Has anyone used this and do you recommend a particular brand? I've been reading a few recipes that use VBP, but do not state the brand used.

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Dh wants to say his final goodbyes

The problem is, is that, sd was cremated and bm has the ashes. Dh is considering asking bm for them so he can say his goodbyes. She is such a, fill in the blank, that she will most likely say no.

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Found out that sons dad blocked me

My sons dad has not seen him in over 4 years. He has joint custody and pays court ordered child support. My son has had retainers for over a year trying to prevent braces.

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A dozen red roses, a box of candy, and a necklace. Oh my!

Y'all, I completely forgot it was Valentine's Day and didn't get him anything. Not even a card.

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DH being understanding.. but is it too late

StepRightOff shared some much needed links on my last blog.

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Holiday's and HCBM's

Do holiday's have a full-moon effect on HCBM's?

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O/T Tax time... and a lil bit of SD20

OMG, tired of the income tax ballers in a stupid "mommy" facebook group I belong to, bitching about where their returns are.