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So excited

We've been saving a bit every pay check for a trip we want to take with the kids in the spring and I got to book it today.

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OT Soy affecting menstrual cycle/ fertility?

Any useful info? I am at least 4 days late but took 2 at home pregnancy tests and they are negative. I starting drinking about 3 soy lattes a week from Starbucks for the past 2 weeks.

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No Amber Alert Was Issued...

You'd better believe that if this was a non custodial FATHER, they'd issue an Amber Alert!!!

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Feeling really annoyed with skids

Went to get BS an afternoon snack, all the snacks are gone. We go downstairs to play so I check in skids room.

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BM is at it again.

Since my last blog...

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Proud of SS15!

SS15 got all Bs this term! This is a first for him, I'm so proud of him. He struggles in school and has to study twice as much to get passing grades.

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YSS drama

YSS ignored me when he came over last night and the only thing that he said to me was to get my dog away from him.

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OT - Foodie Friday

Thanksgiving (for me) is just 'round the corner and is the time of year that definitely ups my desire to bake.

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Christmas is coming and DH is unemployed...

So, the other shoe dropped. DH lost his job of 16 years a few weeks ago. He is heartbroken, naturally of course.

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Sick DH

I feel like a horrible human being lol. But I can't help but laugh when my DH gets sick. Which he is today.