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When will this insanity stop

Yesterday, SD calls DH to tell him that BM's daughter (not SD) was hit by a police car while walking home from school.

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Help with Boys


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I almost fell out of my chair

At dinner tonight, DH was telling his friend how great I am and how lucky he is to have me. He said what a kind, giving person I am and SD decides to chime in.

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His time

I got home to find SO upset. BM on her own signed future step daughter up for a sport team. Didn't talk to my partner at all. No big deal except her first game is this Saturday.

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BM magically reappearing...

So BM... Literally vanished for two months... magically decided to reappear... Right when her mom turned her in for welfare abuse (I.e.

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Fall Update

I've not been posting for a while because things are settling down.
Or, i.e. DH has been stepping up!

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I am Aunt Zipper

YSD had her baby. DH went by himself to the hospital because he said they were trying to limit visitors. DDs wanted to face time DH and see the baby and say hi to YSD.

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OT - Pizza

How do you like your pizza? Thin crust? Pan? Extra cheesy? No cheese? Meat? Veggies? Talk pizza to me STalkers!!!

This is for you, Tuff. <3

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Ann Is Having Second Thoughts About Tom...Again

One week is the Perfect Love of a Lifetime, the next it's crap. Ann came into work upset today, shut the door to my office, and plopped down in a chair and started to sob.

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2 questions, new baby and birthday party