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I have a DH problem

Not a huge problem, but he's dang irritating.

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Returning User

I was here over a year ago and got really good advice. I stepped away at one point because I needed to concentrate on my family.

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It's supposed to be menopause....I can't believe my life

So, the last few months my periods keep spreading further and further apart like 35-40 days and more.

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OT - VD & Ash Wednesday

What an interesting combo. I know quite a number of people who give up something for Lent. But today is VD and one of the most popular days to go out to eat. That should be a fun balance for some.

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How do you disengage from the Skid, without disengaging from your SO?

This is something I have been pondering and I would love some insight.

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Has Anyone Seen "The Red Pill?"

Very interesting movie and very balanced on the whole. The "Honey Badger" group sounds interesting as well.

It's free with Amazon Prime

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He stood in the doorway crying. I need a little help.

I could feel him standing there but purposely didn't turn to look, until I finally turned to look.

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OT-His response updated

Then I'm deleting all of this.

He responded:

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A vent about addiction

My cousin, who was like my brother growing up, the happiest, funniest and most outgoing child you would ever meet... is an addict.

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OT-Time for my best acting performance if I want to keep my job

Dr appointment this Thursday, time for me to pretend "all is well". My work is infuriated that it has taken my foot a month to heal.