SympatheticBioDad's picture Are Stepparents Real Parents?

I read this tonight and it put a smile on my face. I hope it does the same to you. This is the first time I've read that courts considered a steparent (or a non-biological parent) anything other than a stranger without rights.

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Stepson Calls for Father's Day

Well, about 4:30 p.m., SS finally called my husband to wish him a happy Father's Day. I am still perturbed about being overlooked for MD though. But at least my husband got a phone call from stepson. SD is really going off the deep end now and has apparently dumped BF and hard at work pursing the rocker from Denmark. I guess this must go along with her quote that she wants to be a pop star and get her drugs for free. Way to go SD! One for the team!

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Worked Up With No Inner Peace

Well, it's Father's Day, and I am dropping a few lines as I am pretty worked up about my SK. One is the face that both are such losers that neither sent a card or called their Dad. The 2nd is that I took a peek at my SD's myspace website and she is brazenly sending photos to initiate a relationship with the 19 yr old rocker in Denmark. It's like, hey, let's be a 'ho! (Boy, she sure follows biomom) And I am just sick about the whole thing. I finally said something to my husband about it and he said that biomom would just give me a bunch of lip about the whole thing, and nothing would be done, till it was too late! These entries are made in the early morning hours....between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m.---why isn't she sleeping?

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New & need help!!

I am new to this whole thing. Blogs, step parenting, marriage, everything!
But it has gotten to the point, that I have decided I need to find someone like me, to vent, and hopefully get some answers to my questions/problems.

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Question: How did you know that ex-wife does not like you?

I knew from the start (she never met me yet) that she didn't like me because my husband (boyfriend at that time) asked me if I hit their son (who was 3 yrs old at that time)on the head? I told my husband "What? What are you saying? No I didn't hit him on the head.

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Question: Ex-wife she nicer?

For those of you who are in this situation please answer. Now that she is re-married, is she nicer to you? Less irritation? Less interference from her?

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Wish I didn't care

I just saw another ridiculous quote on SD's xanga site, and here it is:
"kids don't need to buy drugs, they can be a pop star and get them for free."
That's her quote of the day.
So glad that she's learned so much at school. Glad to see that our tax dollars are at work in public education. Personally, I think she was sleeping again.

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I was fooled thinking SD deleted blog entry

Well, it's back to the drawing board and today I found out that SD is much more brash on the cybernet. Things that many of you are worrying about are what my SD is actually doing. She has posted her picture on and a long lengthy profile and now has started picking up invitations from older guys on the net. I just saw one from a 19 year old rocker, surfer dude from Denmark who tried successfully to pick her up yesterday. And when I went through some of the stuff on her site, I saw that the blog had not been deleted, just locked from public view. I sent biomom a note about stuff going on the website and my concerns but I don't know that I will get a reaction. I also asked again for the medical bills. I just addressed the website in general questions as the teens putting their pictures out there on the cybernet and basically accepting invitations from unknown people on the cybernet. Most likely if biomom addresses issue with SD, SD will fly off the handle, but hey, I can't even talk to my husband about this. And it's really bothering me a lot. I can't believe that SD would be so stupid. A few months ago biomom was going off that I was on SD's site and hadn't identified myself....and now, look and what SD is doing!!

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Have you sometimes wondered if the same things happen to you over and over, if by some chance you got in the wrong line at the grocery store or something? Or maybe your hair color is wrong? I am once again having problems with my older dog-getting back to thinking he's demented or screwing with me. Most likely demented. I think he's just losing his faculties. And then, I am trying to resolve some issues with biomom about medical bills that she hasn't sent from SD that are now six mos old. And really I'm not in the mood to go another month and have it hanging over my head, unresolved. I just want it finished. So, I haven't paid her yet this month. You would think that would motivate her. But I guess she is collecting the checks together for her move-in deposits to her new residence somewhere. I really am not sure where she is these days, really don't want to talk to her at all, because all I hear is garbage. I just don't understand how hard it can be to do something simple like send a copy of a bill.

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Successful Day by Myself

I know this probably doesn't sound like much but to me, it's progress. I drove into a nearby town about 25 miles away and did some shopping to purchase some toys for the puppy, sewing supplies, carpet runners, and men's cologne for my husband.