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Making Mountains out of Molehills

So, this happened this weekend:

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Hit again

Those of you who read my blog won't be surprised that it happened again. Yesterday my eldest ss hit me in the face.

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A Thank-You to Long-time Contributors

Moeilijk wants to say "Thanks" to all the contributors who have been here more than two months. All of you have made this site worth visiting.

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Completely lost with what I should do

So at this point I'm completely lost with what I should do about my current situation...I have two kids (15 and 13) that I share custody of with my ex-wife (divorced 5 years ago) who are really solid

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I need parenting help

First it was pot and I tried not to get to worried. I grounded him for 2 weeks and he saw his counselor. She assured me that many kids experiment and i shouldn't freak out.

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This weekend kinda sucked.

So I had some struggles this weekend. Now that I am really in this with the whole thing. Some stuff and topics have come up.

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I suggested counseling

I told dh I thought we needed to see a marriage counselor to help me get over my anger of being deserted in an emergency and he said, he would do whatever I needed to help me feel better but I shouldn

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First offer received on house

Full price, pre-approved, no contingency and not asking any seller contribution.

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OT - Missing my Mom

I was on edge all damn day yesterday and could NOT figure out why. Restless, nervous, itchy (I get itchy when I nervous or upset)... felt like something was OFF.

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Actually gave up a promotion because of visitation

My ss15 comes every single weekend. I would have thought that by now he'd be wanting to hang out with friends rather than all over my dh. However that isn't the case so far.