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This Disproves the Disney Dad and BFF Mommykins Theory That. . .

Children are incapable of learning good behavior, rules, hygiene, politeness until well into their twenties--they should just be left to their own devices and come up as ferals because they "don't kno

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How are we responsible ?

How are we (SMs) responsible for what goes in our homes and lives when it comes to the skids and BM?

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BM in denial

It was a skid weekend and it turned out really great. SD did some homework on Saturday and had a friend over for most of the day yesterday.

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Is any other step dad feel totally unappreciated by in laws

I have been raising my step daughter who i call my daughter now for almost 12 years, her so called bio dad has not seen her for 8 months this time, he has never called just to talk to her, has never d

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O/T-- Things to discuss and line out before marriage

Hello Step Talk homies!

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2 Weeks Drama Free - like a glimpse of the future!

My 2 skids BM, and my DD's BD have spent years and years stirring up drama and causing rampant stress.

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It was doomed from the beginning

It's been a few days now since DH and I had a relationship ending blow up.
We are still trying to talk things through to at least try find some understanding.

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BM threatening court again.

BM threatening court again.

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The Good and the Bad - Mostly a Vent

So DH, actually pleasantly surprised me this last week. I mentioned we'd been having money issues...

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When BM refuses to respond

We have been asking BM daily (rotating between a text and email) for almost 2 weeks now asking about summer visitation. We will be driving to KS in May for OSS graduation and driving back.