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Chipped front tooth

On Friday bs10 had an accident at school and his front tooth got chipped. It isn't really a big chip but it is his permanent front tooth.

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I wish i could post real step situations, on my socialmedia!

This site is as real as i can be!!

Ive been toying with starting a support group for stepparents, in my area, because there is nothing!

Just not sure im ready to jump into that yet.

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Emails and made up stories

SS10 was finally going to come over (not our weekend) but BM said he'd like to come when SS11 wasn't here. So we said sure.

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Government assistance, bills, and Disneyland.

I've written before about how SO and the ex have some joint bills. Part of the divorce degree states how much each of them is responsible for.

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LIVID - Step and Fetch it - TBM asking SO for things now that boyfriend is gone

GRRR. I have been chewing on this all day. While raking leaves (its fall come lately here), cleaning the fish pond, pulling grass and weeds, cleaning the bunny cage.

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Stepkids Ruining the Marrage... and I believe that is Exactly What They Want

Need some help here... been married for 7 years. I have 2 kids and my wife has 2 kids. Her kids were good when they were younger but now they are 15 and 16.

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Hilarious texts from BM

SD is to be here this evening and BM had a message for DH. Something along the lines of "we need to make sure SD is eating healthier foods because she's getting chunky".

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OT moving home makes my DH a butt

We have rented this house for 4 years. At our own risk, we've fallen in love with it. It is quite beautiful. It fits...it feels like home. But it's not ours.

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Being a bad BM tonight to Disney Dad

My ex is very immature and of course never parents and only gives our BD16 whatever she wants.

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Let's Play Again. What have you implemented that you learned from this site that worked.

I have learned so much from everyone here and I can't possibly list them all. I swear you are all my therapist.