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OT EIC increase

I caught the tail end of a radio announcement on the way to work this morning. I heard that the earned income credit is increasing from $1600 to $2000. I couldn't help but to think of BM.

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OT: Autistic Children

Hi All

I know this isnt step related, but maybe some of the members who have autistic children or deal with children with autism can help me.

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Xmas Time & BM Needs cash

BM is trying to backdate bills for SD 17. She is trying to get DH to pay for 1/2 of SD car insurance back to January.

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Hives (also new update, I made some calls)

Now my brother just informed me he hasn't slept in two days, mom tried to hit grandma last night and as a result he's being kicked out and grandma said if mom does that one more time she's calling the

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o/t - watches

It's a real struggle living in Africa.... I'm at wits end and I miss Ladyface cause she always offered to help me with things..

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Update-Elder Care and Family Problems

So yesterday I called my aunt and talked to her to see if I was missing something about this fiasco. This is what I heard.

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How to instill healthy lifeatyle into SD without making her self conscious

SD 11 was doing really well with us over the summer (hell I was doing really well over the summer lol) with eating and staying active.

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Apparently I "need to work on trust" Vent

I apologize for posting so much, but I am fuming a bit right now...

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OT: Twerking

While surfing the net a few minutes ago, I happened upon a video of young girls, no older than 8 or 9 years, performing a dance (and I use that term loosely), called ‘twerking.’

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Skids inquiring about break up

Or as DH said, SD's recent curiosity/ comments about BM and DH's relationship is her trying to "make sense" of it and because she's still a kid.