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SD12 is in for a RUDE awakening

I figured I'd have a few more years before I hit the disengagement button with SD12. Alas, it is not to be. Over hockey, art, and lunchboxes of all things.

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New to this whole thing

Hello...I have been living with my boyfriend for a few months. He has two daughters 11 and 12.

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SD's court date

According to BM and SD's counselors and psychiatrist, SD has mental issues. She has ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and some type of mood disorder. She is totally out of control for BM.

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At my wits end and could use some support

Ok so here is my situation maybe someone can shed some light on it and see if I'm off base. My wife and I married 4 year ago been together 5.

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Disengagement 101

Hi All! I'm more of a lurker here these days than a poster but have been coming here in and out for quite some time. I guess some of you ladies just make disengagement seem so easy...

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My pup

So every day for the last 2 weeks I have had insanely long checklists. Utilities canceled/started. Wifi. Disconnect his cell from my plan. Stay on him to register his car and get it out of my name.

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Mealtime woes. One step forward one step back...

Is there an order of who's served first in a family that makes proper sense?

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OT / Holidays for 2 weeks and renos

I drive myself crazy after a long weekend... 2 weeks is going to KILL ME.... so I decided to renovate the kitchen, and finish my girls' room. Bright's post got me to decide to get it in gear.

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OT - Fusion Friday

Cronuts. Waffle tacos. Pad Thai pizza. These are just a few food items that have emerged from the fusion cuisine trend.

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But the CO says....

I never want to be that BM who throws the CO in my Ex's face. But sometimes, I am like, "Wtf?? the CO says....."

I'm struggling with the phone contact situation...