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I talked to dh last night

Reading your responses gave me the courage to sit down and tell dh exactly what I was feeling last night.

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I don't know what to do: UPDATE


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House is officially listed...

I already have two showings booked for today.

DH is supposed to sign post nup today.

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11 year old can't be away from his mother all of a sudden

My SSs are 11 year old twins. One of them is very much like BM - histrionic, manipulative, thinks people are always out to get him. Three months ago, DH and I finally bought a house.

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o/t: Date Night

Date Night is not taking your wife to the gun range and spending 3 hrs there when you only went to your gun league there tonight and you haven't taken said wife to a movie in about 3 yrs.

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Sticking to the court order

I cannot stand how BM thinks the court order only applies to my DH and not to her. Recent example (over summer): BM gets skid Saturday morning-Sunday night.

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OT: need to take 10 seconds to vent to feel better

I'm working in a Control Center to direct the lineman to restore power. I've been here for days. 17 hour days in a chair with a headset.

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I hate my 13 yr old step-daughter help me please!

My 13 year old step- daughter acts like she is 5 and she is spoiled and she is ruining my life. She makes me so angry I can hardly stand it.

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UPDATE: Talked to DH about SD15 possible depression, I am now 100% disengaged

First, I had this ALL typed out and then accidently hit the back button!!!!! Sad

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Another update.

I am settled into my new place. For the most part I feel okay. It is more peaceful by a landslide than the life I was living.