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Skids inquiring about break up

Or as DH said, SD's recent curiosity/ comments about BM and DH's relationship is her trying to "make sense" of it and because she's still a kid.

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Elder care and family problems*LONG*vent*


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Ideas for holiday traditions?

I know others have brought this up but I’m looking for ideas on how to start our own holiday traditions.

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Check Out

So yesterday DH calls me at work, he got stuck behind some crazy accident on his way home and in no way was gonna make it to get SD8 in time from school, so can I run and grab her?

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Thanksgiving break OH JOY!!!

DH has the skids this coming up weekend plus all next week and then the weekend after for Thanksgiving break. OH JOY!!

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SS32 update

DH's pathetic son update.

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Christmas card conundrum

DS is having his first Christmas (he was born right after Christmas last year), and I wanted to do a First Christmas card with his photo, but will I get flack for not including SS8 who is long distanc

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Made myself laugh

Reading through another blog entry, I said to myself I hate BM's. Starting laughing cause I'm a BM too. My ex is so freaking lucky that I was a good BM.

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I dont want this

I got married last October to a man who was 21 years older than me thru all his faults and that fact that neither of our families got along.

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OT - teenagers and dating

Well, sort of off topic.