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O/T: A few of my favorite things

1) For my fellow Hugh Laurie fans - there’s a great show on Hulu called Chance. Based off of a book of the same name. Only 2 seasons, but it has a great suspenseful noir feel.

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Skids feel like unwelcome guests, not family

I don’t like having the skids for visits. And, although they are here more than half the time (every other week+), it truly feels like they are visitors.

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What Do Y'all In Texas Think About This

Child support as regards independent contractors (aka 1099)
The comments are quite interesting.

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Facebook official

Is a relationship status childish?

The last time I had one, it was after my ex and I got engaged. I couldn't wait to change it so everyone would know I was getting married (GAG).

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OT Childhood Home

Yesterday I went to go visit my friends parents. It was like going to a blast from the past. This is the same home my friend grew up in.

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Needy stepsons

O/T needy teenaged Stepsons.

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Ughhh getting sucked back in to ss school crap

I have been disengaged from ss14 school crap since christmas. (Thats when everything hit fan and i was just done)

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WWYD. Would you tell BM?

SD, age 15. has found a way to buy herself a cell phone. I am assuming that she has stolen one of her mother's credit cards, AGAIN.

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OT - Friday Fun

Happy Friday, STalkers!! Are you ready for the weekend? I don't know about you, but this has been a sucky week for me and I'm ready to relax. Let's have a little fun!

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NCP got sick and didn't take visitation....

I am just curious is there any way that if a NCP is sick and doesn't take visitation can a CP use it against them later on in court?